Paul Warkow
Nationally recognized authority
in commercial financing

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Hello, I am Paul Warkow. I can help businesses find the money that is needed to help them grow and thrive.
This can take the form of:

  • Merchant Cash Advances for marketing, equipment, business expansion or any other business need.
  • SBA Loans
  • Hard Money Loans

As you can see I am a nationally recognized authority in commercial financing. What makes me different than other commercial finance consultants? I have many resources to go to, depending on the business situation. I get personally involved to make sure businesses are getting the right program for their needs and situation. I work with the owners to make sure their case is presented in the best possible light. This means going beyond the numbers so that the lender has the best impression of the company. I do not tell business owners what they want to hear. They appreciate it when I give them an honest assessment of their capital requirements and the tools necessary to accomplish their goals.

Commercial Lending Authority

I enjoy helping businesses achieve the success they deserve. Banks are not interested helping the typical business owner. They are interested in profit. For most business owners, going through a bank can take months and usually results in a of denial funding. Why not have an advocate on your side to find the lender that wants to help and has a stake in the business success? The biggest obstacle in obtaining financing is showing the lender the business has a plan which shows a path to growth and profitability. That is why I work with owners to develop a proper business plan. Even if the business cannot obtain funding now, at least there is a map for success. For me, the answer is never no, but maybe later. Without a road map and a goal, there is no viability. Let me help you achieve the success your hard work deserves. Go to my contact page or call me at 516-590-9803 to discuss your business and its ultimate success.

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