Innovative Businesses Find More Ways to Outsource 

Most business owners finish the week wondering where the time went. For many creative entrepreneurs this is a signal to clear their schedules by outsourcing; the newest trend for busy proprietors is aligning with outside experts for every task that doesn’t entail finding customers and generating sales.

In recent years, the number of companies engaged in providing consulting services to businesses has exploded. Companies are capitalizing on this hotbed of consultants and instead of outsourcing projects only when needed, they’re arranging permanent associations with independent contractors.

Many companies also have opted to interview specialists now to establish connections before crisis situations erupt. Not only does this save time in crises, but it allows both business owner and consultant to collaborate on smaller tasks, cementing trust.

Some outsource projects, such as bookkeeping and preparing tax returns, are obvious, and most business owners already have outside affiliations for them. But many are carrying these further, hiring freelancers to make technology upgrades, write website copy and conduct physical inventory counts.

Jobs that require creativity outside your area of expertise, or really anything you dread doing, are tasks ripe for outsourcing. In fact, the latest trend in that direction is hiring a teen to run errands such as picking up lunch or driving you to meetings – unemployment is high among youth
and finding a reliable one is not difficult.

Best of all, outsourcing many of your least favorite tasks allows you to be just where you should be: setting goals, engaging customers and leading your company.




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