When Was the Last Time You Said ‘Thank You’?

Thanking your customers lets them know you value their patronage. It’s also a great way to build loyalty and encourage repeat business. There are lots of simple, inexpensive ways to thank customers. Just saying “thank you” is a good first step.

Be sure to mean it when you say it. Face your customer and smile. Take five extra seconds to look the customer in the eye and say it sincerely so the person knows you are expressing a genuine, heartfelt sentiment. Make it personal by using the customer’s name and mentioning why you’re thanking the individual.

A handwritten note or letter is a good follow-up gesture. You can write “thank you” on an invoice or send a handwritten card or letter after a purchase or service. Address the note to the individual and be sure to mention the occasion for thanks. Sending a thank-you email can be effective, although it does not have the same impact as a handwritten note. Don’t try to promote new products when thanking a customer. Including a business card with your thank-you note is fine, but making a blatant sales pitch is tacky.

Say thanks with great service. Following are some ways to do that:

  • Do something extra, and then note it on the invoice as “complimentary” or “no charge.”
  • Give regular customers thank-you discounts with coupons or special offers.
  • Refer business to your customers.
  • Bring jobs in ahead of time or under budget.

Before sending a thank-you gift, know your firm’s gift-giving policy. Many companies have limits or guidelines on giving gifts.


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