The Secrets to Setting Effective Business Goals 

Goals give you focus, allowing you to trim the fat where needed.

Once you’ve marked your goals, you can go back and review where business efforts aren’t really contributing toward the desired result – saving you both money and time.

Goals will also allow you to spot opportunities that will help you further along your path.

You should be thinking about both long-term and short-term results.

Long-term goals should be based quarterly and yearly, while short-term goals are best suited for monthly timetables.

Setting short-term goals also lets you better manage your time.

You can sort out weekly goals and better allocate resources to ensure you’re able to achieve monthly benchmarks.

Be careful not to overindulge.

Setting goals is not like writing a wish list. It’s not about what you want but rather about what you can realistically achieve.

If you overindulge in goal setting, you’ll completely miss the benefit goals have to offer, and you’re more likely to over-invest both time and expenses in a desperate effort to meet the mark.

Remember that it’s not about shooting out as many arrows as you can to hit as many targets as you can.

It’s about selecting the best targets and hitting them directly with calculated effort.


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