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How To Smooth Out The Business Cycle

Business cycles are a fact of life for most industries. When business is soft, whether due to macroeconomic factors, seasonal slowdowns or sector-specific trends, it is tempting to hunker down. However, smart professionals look for opportunities to set themselves up for future success.

You Built a Successful Business-Now What?

In building a successful business, you achieved one exciting goal after another, but operating efficiently after achieving your goals is just as challenging. While financial management may seem mundane compared to the thrill of those early startup days, the steps required to maintain profitability demand the same care and dedication as you needed then.

How to Turn Complainers into Raving Fans

When people complain about your product, service or organization, they are telling you that their needs haven’t been met. If you listen carefully to what they say, their complaints may alert you to a real or potential problem, suggest a better way of handling things, or help you improve your business.

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