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Business Lending Info Center is the place to go for all your business’ financing needs. This is not one size fits all. Sit down with us and discuss your options. We have all the benefits of quick decision making but not being impersonal by just filling out an online form. We have the solution for you. Let us rethink your small business loan options

Call me, e-mail or go to the contact page so we can go over your situation. We’re all about saying “yes” to your financing needs. Plus, you can count on the predictability of smaller, fixed payments to help plan and manage cash flow better. And unlike with other lenders, the application process takes hours, rather than weeks.

We have a “Yes” approach to business underwriting

We’re totally different from those “old logic” finance companies that rely mainly on your personal credit score and collateral. Instead of focusing on just these one or two factors, we work hard and finds ways to say “yes.”

Choose the loan terms that work best

Choice is key. Are you looking for a specific dollar amount, or the smallest payments or the shortest term? We’re ready to help you select the terms that are right for your needs.

We make it simple to get working capital

Our financing options take the best aspects of business loans and make them better. Plus, we serve hundreds of types of industries. So whether you’re a restaurant, a medical office, or a hair salon, we’re all about helping meet your needs. And we make it easier to qualify for a business loan than others out there.

Here are some qualification requirements (and some legal stuff) at a glance

• Good news: An owner’s damaged credit history isn’t an automatic disqualifier for the business.

• The same business ownership at the same location for at least 6 months.

• Your business should be located in the US.

• Can only be used for a business purpose. We do not provide consumer loans.

• Must be up to date and current with your landlord – if you have one.

• No open bankruptcy or a bankruptcy resolved within 12 months prior to the application

With Business Lending Info Center you get the benefits of personal service together with the efficiency of getting a quick decision, Call me, e-mail me or fill out the contact form so we can go over all your options. Get the funds you need to help your business grow and thrive.

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