How to Be Your Customers’ No. 1 Choice

A unique selling proposition (USP) is a simple, concise statement of how you are different from your peers and how this benefits customers.

In today’s competitive market, it’s important that you have a USP that cuts through the clutter and positions you as the top choice.

There are many ways to stake out a USP. You can offer lower pricing, better service, higher quality, quicker turnaround or more convenience.

It might be that your product is fresher, purer, more exclusive or longer-lasting.

Customers may be drawn to your personality, reputation, location or longevity.

Extras such as free delivery, personalized service or discounts may distinguish you as well.

Once defined, your USP becomes the basis for your marketing, advertising, public relations and even your packaging and promotional design. Everything you do should reinforce your USP, and every customer touch is an opportunity to reaffirm the uniqueness of your selling proposition.

To identify and define your USP, look first at yourself. What is it that you do differently and better than your competitors? If you have a broad offering, focus on one or two niche areas. Home in on what is special, unusual or significant about you.

Next, analyze your customers. Look at their demographics, purchasing habits and what drives them to buy your product or service. What do they seek from your offering? What benefits do they gain?

Finally, assess the market potential of your USP position in terms of volume, profitability and repeat business. Your USP should address a genuine need in the market.



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