Three Steps to a More Organized Business Life  

Three Steps to a More Organized Business Life

The fiber of our business being is our ability to multitask to the point of strain, stress, and exhaustion. But in trying to “do more” are we’re really just “doing less”?

Studies show a correlation between multitasking, high stress and stunted potential – leading to a scattered and unfulfilled business mind. Behind this dishevelment is a towering workload often filled with multiple projects and deadlines.

New markets, increased competition, and emerging technology are to blame – not to mention increased employee workload due to departments that have been downsized by corporate cost cutting.

At times, managers, particularly in the competitive field of real estate feel more like firefighters than mentors to their staff.  Rather than treat every task like a fire to extinguish, try following these tips for a more organized and effective business life.

Prioritize: Manage your workload by realistically calculating deliverables based on existing priorities and available resources.

Manage: Supervisors should work with team members to seek out new ways of assigning projects and determining priorities in order to craft a more productive system.

Focus: Eastern philosophy emphasizes focusing on the present moment. Apply this common sense rule to each new task. Focus on what’s in front of you; give it your complete attention and get it done without hop-scotching through thoughts and ending up frazzled and distracted with little to show for it.

The goal in creating a more organized business mind is training yourself not only to be more productive and focused, but also to improve your handling of the inevitable challenges that arise.

Avoid that panic, and the associated meltdown, that could cost your business dearly.




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